Entry Fee

Black Edition Empire Entry process and categories:

Black Edition (Individual / Family)application:

⁃ Applicants to Black Edition Empire Royal Club will have to select the category they wish to complete their entry process for
⁃ Once the applicant/s select the desired category the applicants’ request and application will be approved by the Admins or the Founder.
⁃ Once the application is approved the applicants should ensure to cover the entry fee of AED150 in the case the application is an individual category, whereas if the application was under Black Edition Family the fees would be AED300 where the payments need to be completed within 24 hours.
⁃ Black Edtion Family Category allows the enrollment of 4 individuals and a maximum of 3 vehicles under the same entry process. (Application to be reviewed and only family members would be allowed in to avail the given category)
⁃ Fees paid towards the entry process will grant the applicant the following:
– The official Black Edition Sticker.
– The link to enter the Black Edition Signature Group, Black Edition Empire (International) and the Black Edition News Channel.

>>Description of Membership Cards<<

Contact Founder or Admin to process Entry fee