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We are the best and biggest social network with hundred thousands of active users all in UAE and around the world. Share your thoughts, write blog posts, show your favourite car project, earn badges , qualify to VIP and verification and much more!

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Our best and active members, supporter

Amazing Community

Something new in the world! I believe it can really change it! That’s why I joined to be a part of the change!

Amina Roda
UAE, Duabi

Best Social Network ever!

Such comfortable as at home, I can’t spend a day not to chat with friends and share my car tips with my private group, I am the owner of another car club but we are part of the Black Edition Empire! Here is plenty of opportunities for anyone! Don’t hesitate, You must be a part of history!

Ibrahim Issa
Oman, Muskat

Incredible Design!

Honestly, I could not expect anything better!
I have my own restaurant and I found an opportunity here for myself and for my company to have a beautiful banner and full blog and post about us! Thank you!

Ahmad Almazrooqi
Saudia Arabia, Jeddah

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