Rules & Regulations



Membership will only be considered as valid and approved post filling out the membership application form and compete the registration of their profiles on the official website. Only after the above steps are completed will he/she would be officially declared as a member of the group/club, where the member will allowed to participate in official events and gatherings. Kindly ensure that the above step are completed  in a timely manner in order to avoid any disruptions.




      1.1💬Black Edition member must be active in the chat to support activity and interest!

1.1.1⭐️ at least once a week for UAE 🇦🇪 members to support the interest of the community.

❓Any serous reason of not being active, please inform @afra_black_edition or admin

       1.2🏴Gathering/Meetings/Events/.    Coffee times

1.2.1⭐️ Attend gathering at least once within 30 days

1.2.2⭐️ Attend big gathering is a must

❓Any serous reason of not able to compete 1.2.2, please inform @afra_black_edition or admin

1.2.3❗️Member will be temporary removed from the group in 40days if not attended any of event within this time

1.2.4‼️Member will be permanently removed from the group in 40days after being once temporarily removed from the group.

❓Any serous reason of not attending more then 40days, please inform @afra_black_edition or admin




‼️‼️URGENT CONTACT @afra_black_edition in case:

2.1⚠️If any of members feel not safe or disturbed by other members.

2.2⚠️If member has any questions regarding personal issues which does not relate to group mission or group goals.

2.3.❗️Important Note: To be part of the Black Edition Empire the applicant Must and should have a valid driving license and  be the legal owner of black  vehicle/bike,yacht etc.(more details can be found in description of who is  “Group Member “)

Additionally, incase an applicant does not loyally own a black vehicle/bike, yacht etc. the applicant should and must obtain a no objection letter address to the group from the legal owner of the vehicle/bike, yacht etc.. that the same will be used by the third party (applicant) will be using if their asset at their own risk.

2.4. Moreover to the above (2.3.) incase an applicant or a member has any legal  cases or issues on their traffic file or their vehicle from any of the law enforcement authorities or bodies, it’s at an utmost importance that the applicant or the member should disclose the matter to the group manager in order to review the application or membership status.

2.5. Moreover to the above the applicant should and must declare if he/she is a member, admin, or founder of any car clubs, incase an applicant flails to declare the same the group admins and founder would have full rights to deactivate the membership or reject the application.

Incase an applicant or a member fails to declare any of the above mention incidents and the same is reveled or identified at a later stage the group manager and admins will have the right to terminate the application or membership at any point of time without any prior notice.




 3.1📣🚫 No advertising in the group of other group and anything else unless confirmed with @afra_black_edition!

 3.2 🚫It is strictly forbidden to circulate pictures of girls in the group and other harmful stuff related to violence *


 4. LAWS in the group 


 4.1 Mutual respect between everyone 

 4.2. It is not allowed to send any messages that are not related to car zone or trips , Other inquiries are rejected

 4.3. It is forbidden to send audio clips, songs, pictures and videos that violate morality, especially pictures and videos of girls.

 4.4. Not to talk about politics, not to talk about neighboring countries in ways that harm them

4.5 not to talk about sectarianism and sects, and not to mock religion * ..

 4.6. It is strictly forbidden to send an advertisement for the sale of vehicles and other groups name, unless confirm with @afra_black_edition * ..

 4.7. It is prohibited to repeat the same announcement in the group *




5.1.Due to the current pandemic It is highly recommended and advised  that group Members must provide COVID.19 tests and inform the group manager incase of any symptoms prior to attending any gatherings or events (test results are to be shared privately)

5.1.Members or applicants are advised to declare any medical and health issues to the group manager and it would be preferred if the applicant or member shares documents of their health issue in order to keep a record file in case of any unfortunate events such as emergencies where such documents or information might come in handy to the emergency response officials and their medical team.

6. Read here >>Code Of Conduct<<


 ⚠ * NOTES *


 🚫 * Anyone who violates one of the above laws shall be deleted *

 🚫 * The person who sends a video that is not related to the group is warned only once, and the second time is deleted * ..

 🚫 * In the event of any complaint, contact the administration *


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Member of Black Edition group is legal driver, who owns a black modified car!
No one else allowed to be in the telegram group except for the

Unless it is exceptional! (Must be discussed with Afra )

The car must be full black
Car must have upgraded Royal 3D sticker black edition

Acceptable details on the car!
Chrome emblems or legal names/numbers of the car
Other color in car – rims, interior, small thin lines of other colors (preferable red)

Black Edition community has 6 categories (the number of categories depends on access/discounts and other stuff which black edition member can use.

Super, exotic and luxury cars
Classic cars

Member allowed to put on mute the main group if it is disturbing him from flow of messages :mute:

Member must follow Channel and never put this channel on mute!
Sound ON


PUBLIC (for members and anyone who want to come)
OPEN (for members and their friends/families;media)
PRIVATE (only for all members)
VIP (only for admins and leaders)