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Club for everyone

The Black Edition Empire Royal Club was born with the aim of opening the doors to anyone who wants to be part of a new expanding world.
Among the various objectives of the club is to serve as a launching pad for various projects that will benefit individuals, the automotive industry, and the general public.
One of the great projects consists of the creation of an academy that opens the doors of education to young people, both women and men, who wish to enter the automotive field.
On the other hand, and as we already mentioned, the club is a meeting point for all those who want to be part of the change. It is a palace where its members can work as a team to help each other and enjoy various privileges.
Members with their own personalities and a common brand
Within the club the use of uniforms is not a norm. Each individual, whether woman or man, will be in total freedom to express their personality through their clothing or outfit.
To be identified as members of the club, they only need to wear the organizations logo. In fact, as part of the empire created by Black Edition, there is also a clothing luxury line that can serve as an inspiration or supplier for the members of the club, if they wish.

Activities, tours and tourist trip

With the idea of ​​sharing unforgettable moments with the members of the club, we will organize tours and tourist trips. This idea arose with the purpose of being able to share with the members of the club who live in other countries.
The walks and trips will give us a special opportunity to meet and share experiences, dreams and projects as a great family.
The international scope of the club opens up a wide range of options for possible destinations. So without a doubt we will be able to know our world in pleasant company.

Support and Sponsorship

On the other hand, the members of the Black Edition Empire Club will have all the necessary support and assistance from the organization, to participate in the different competitive modalities that apply.
The club will be in charge of sponsoring, promoting and supporting the participating members during the competition. It will also provide the required technical support, hand in hand with the most recognized experts in the industry.

All-inclusive meeting point

Our clubhouse will have all the necessary facilities for our members to enjoy unparalleled comfort. Each of the sections of the place will have a unique design that distinguishes us as the most prestigious club. Likewise, we will offer a living room, game rooms, an exhibition hall, a museum, a sports area, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a spa, shops with clothing and accessories from the club, among many other things.

Formation and Future generation

One of the main initiatives of the club is to provide an educational space for the new generations. The Black Edition Empire Club in conjunction with expert professionals in the area of ​​motorsports, will offer technical and theoretical training to women and men who wish to acquire new knowledge in the automotive area.
The objective of this initiative is to prepare the replacement generation and with low resources, so that they can enjoy a better future, and function in the world they are passionate about.
Likewise, the club will provide all the necessary tools and resources to young women who want to venture into the beautiful universe of automobiles.
Whether they want to do it as specialist mechanics, or as drivers and competitors.

Innovation and Teamwork

Club members will have a space where they can carry out their innovative and creative projects. With the support of the best experts in engines and vehicles, they will be able to devise, design and develop projects that represent improvements, changes and possibly the creation of new products.
At the Black Edition Empire Club, the workshop facilities will be available to anyone who wishes to bring new benefits to future generations. The projects may cover the world of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, etc.

Founded on true story of Black Edition

Learn a little more about Black Edition

Black Edition Empire Club, the new royalty of motorsport

Join the Black Edition Empire Club and be a part of history, make a change with us.

With the idea of ​​sharing her passion for cars, The World Icon of 4×4 freestyle drift  Yuliana Grasman (Afra) has created the Black Edition Empire Royal Club.

The club seeks to become the ideal space for lovers and fans of the automotive world to share their concerns, experiences, dreams, ideas and much more. But this prestigious club also opens its doors to all those means of transport that run on a motor, among others. Thus, owners of yachts, boats, helicopters, bikes or bicycles can also be part of the Black Edition Empire.

The only requirement is to keep the “Signature” of the club to meet requirements is that the vehicle or transport is black.
There are other categories as well available.

Black Edition: a symbol of success, unique and power

The name “Black Edition” has a very important meaning for Afra. That is why it has become more than a name, a brand that symbolizes success and leadership in every way.

After losing many projects and cars on the way to success, Yuliana managed to get what would be the car that would lead her to obtain her greatest title in the world of motorsports, until now. It was this black vehicle that she called “Black Edition”, since her previous car was failing.

A bond of struggle and hard work was created between the champion and her car, which resulted in several triumphs, and led to her becoming the First Lady of 4×4 freestyle drift in world history.

Black Edition Auto Service

The Black Edition Auto Service will be available to the members of the club. According to the type of membership they have, the members can enjoy excellent discounts for maintenance, repairs and spare parts.


Likewise, the club will provide assistance on the way in case any of the members suffer any inconvenience on the road. The assistance service includes towing and transportation for the car, motorcycle or bicycle.

For air or maritime transport, we have the support of communication with the corresponding authorities, in case the intervention of the respective entities is required.

More than a club, we are a community of mutual support with quality services, designed to always offer the best of the best to each of our members.
The most attractive and prestigious events

As part of the countless activities of the club, large-scale events will be held.

There will be exhibitions of automobiles, bikes, yachts, aircraft, and all kinds of transport that are part of the club. Our members will be able to present their vehicles or ships to the attending public, in a totally entertaining, professional, and high-class environment.

We will have a unique and original exhibition platform, where the main jewels will be the land, sea and air ships that are part of the Black Edition Empire Club.

If you want to become a part of the new royalty of motorsport, contact us! We will be honored to have you on this beautiful project.

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